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Spike Customs now taking credit card payments

My dear customers,

I have set up a vendor account and can accept all major credit card plans directly.  No more hassling with the slimey paypal payment system, or the complicated google checkout system.
In person, i swipe ypur card normally.  For long distance orders, just call in and i can take your payment and order right over the phone.
I know i know, its so much hassle to actually pick up the phone, dial the number and *talk* to someone, but i'm sure you can manage.  And a little human contact away from the computer couldnt hurt.  Ordering custom work and getting something this cool shouldn't happen by the click of the mouse, anyway.  Afterall, youfr not buying a machine made piece, your buying a handcrafted piece... so talk to the owner of the hands.

Happy shopping,

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