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Custom Pinstripe Bobber Seat

Hey Folks,

This is a custom bobber seat that i made for a customer in mid-2011. The guy had a finished bike, and sent me pictures of his bike’s artwork (flatblack, with pinstripes). After making his custom seat pan, padding it with high-density memory foam, I took the pinstripe style from his bike, and carved it into leather and made it match perfectly.

To match the copper accents that he had on the bike, i used copper eyelets for my lacing, and finished it off with black ostrich panels on the sides of the seats. Black, deep red, metallic silver, white, copper rivets… and sleek and beautiful all over.



Spike Customs Aces Wild P40 Flying Tigers WWII Tribute Seat Set

This is a seat set that i made for a customer who was building a bike themed around a tribute for the

WWII P-40 Flying Tiger Pilots. The whole project was a lot of fun, and i used some new ideas to make the seats come out as great as possible. Ostrich paneling on the seats, and a panel of black alligator on the spade backrest, the the brushed stainless steel trim-ring and stainless hardware, a custom shaped X-bones seat pan, and all the custom color-work to match the P-40 and symbols to the actual WWII colors made this seat set come out absolutely great. This is one of my favorite seat sets that I've done.

Enjoy the pictures.



Harley Crossbones “One Shot One Kill” Sniper Seat Set

Here's an awesome seat set for a bad ass veteran sniper.One Shot One Kill Sniper Seat Set

This is a bobber style front seat, made on one of my OE replacement harley crossbones seat pans, and an OE fit back seat, as well as an OE mounting sissy bar and pad. I made all this stuff to bolt directly to my customer's crossbones.

I never thought it would be as hard as it was to tool guns. I figured all straight angles and geometric shapes would make it easy... wrong. Hours of tooling in details in the grips and rails later, I realized how much more painstaking it was to get all the little geometric details just right so that the gun had symmetry. Making something look like a machine in a material that really wants to make organic shapes and design is much more difficult than I first imagined. The side panels are brought to life with black ostrich panels and black lacing around the edges.

There were a few hiccups, and the seat took much longer than I anticipated to make as well as I ended up making the front seat and rear seat TWICE, because FedEx destroyed the first set in shipping.


All well worth it for a man willing to give his all for freedom.




One Shot One Kill Sniper Seat Set
One Shot One Kill Sniper Seat Set


Carbon Fiber & Tooling Softail Skull Seat

Okay Folks,

Here it is... my secret weapon... well, one of them, anyway...


Now you may think, "but Spike, i see carbon fiber all the time."

Not like this, you havn't.

This isn't a carbon fiber seatpan, or headlight, or accent piece... this is woven carbon fiber used like material and actually used in the seat.

It is incredibly strong and durable, beautiful... and expensive (yikes!). My trick is how i prep and make the carbon fiber material ready to be used in a seat. It is not the hard plastic looking material you're used to seeing in motorcycle and automotive parts... its still a cloth like material, and is soft and flexible.

Combine that with some kick-ass leather tooling, elegant lacing, and an exotic hide like alligator and you've got one AMAZING seat!

Enjoy the pics of this seat i made back in August 2009.


“Deadman’s Hand” .44 Caliber Bullet Custom Softail Seat

“Deadman's Hand” .44 Caliber Bullet Custom Softail Seat
I made this seat up for a guy on the east coast back in March '09. This seat came out absolutely beautiful. This is the kind of work that a customer gets when they tell me an idea that they have and say something like, "i'll leave everything else up to your judgement." When you set me loose, you get a beautiful work of art.
Yes, those are REAL bullets. i went bullet shopping for this seat and found these beautiful babies. it makes me want to buy a 44 just so i can use them. They're chrome plated split top hollowpoints. I didn't even know you could buy hollow-points in this state!

This was made on a stock style softail seatpan that was fitted to a custom softail bike. The pan was re-foamed with high density memory foam for much more comfort and sleeker style.
The tooling is skulls on flame backgrounds, and then the “DEADMAN'S HAND” banner that wraps around the deadman hand (Ace's and Eights) all accented in a deep gunmetal metallic silver. If you don't know the story, it comes from the wild west. This is the hand that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot and murdered, the last card is face down because he was shot before the last card was dealt... dead mans hand.
I picked the alligator side panels because they just look so frickin' nice on an all black tooled seat. The black lacing with chrome eyelets just accents perfect with the bright chrome bullets.



“JackAss” Jack Daniels Custom Bobber Seat and Solo Sidebag

“JackAss” Custom Bobber Seat and Solo Sidebag

This was a fun project i just finished up in October of '08. It's a seat and solo sidebag for a custom chopper that was done in a "Jack Daniel's" theme. It all came out very nice.

This seat was a bit of a departure for me, because there was no black material on it. It was a quick change of pace, as i get a lot of "all black" tooling seats, or seats with a lot of black in them because all black seats are something that not many seat builders can make look good. Like in paint, black shows every mistake.

It also challenged my design ability... how to make a donkey look cool. :-)

The matching bag came out very well.

I ran aluminum bar around the inside to give the bag support and keep it from loosing shape when it was empty, and keep it from sagging or flopping when it was full.

Heavy duty straps tie everything together (1/4" thick leather) so they won't wear out, tear, or break no matter what. I made it so that it will fit most all softails and custom hardtails.




Custom Metallic Flame & Pinstripe Seat for a Softail

Hey folks.

You know, sometimes i just want to be a better photographer. Taking pictures of this seat is one of those times. I just couldn't figure out the lighting/camera settings to make the metallic colors pop out... instead they just look lighter or like they're reflecting light...

This is a seat a made for a custom softail. I matched the colors and design to the paint job itself, which happened to be a metallic flake paint. The really cool part of this seat is that when i color matched the paints, i also matched the metallic. Since i end up mixing almost all of my own colors, i can mix in stuff like metallics and pearl.

I asked for a paint swatch or painted test panel with the colors of his bike on them, so that I could colormatch... Instead he sent me his whole finished and painted fender, so that I could not only color match the seat, but also match the flame design and bright blue pinstripe from his paint job.

After tooling and dying, the super shiny tooled leather got paired with alligator panels, and lacing to make one very nice custom seat. The blue pinstripes were no easy trick to pull off, either. Since leather is already browish color, non-opaque colors like blonde, yellows, and blues are very tricky to mix and color correctly so that they come out how you want them too on the seat.

Enjoy the Pics,



Custom FXDWG Alligator Solo Seat with Lacing

Here's a seat that i made for a Wide Glide a little while back.

not everything i do has to be completely insane. This is a perfect example of how simple, clean lines and make a top-notch seat.

The honey colored alligator material laced with the black material with chrome eyelets gives this seat a subtle, yet amazing look.


“MISERY” Custom CFL Tooled Bobber Seat

Hey Gang,

This is a bobber seat that i built up for a customer on his CFL seatpan and CFL frame.

His bike was being painted a metallic pewter color and black, so i mixed my own metallic dyes and painted the letters with a silver and pewter metallic colors.

It's hard to get a good picture of shiny dyes like that, and they end up looking like they're gray in the photos. lol... maybe if i actually knew about lighting and cameras and crap i could do it. :)

Enjoy the pics.



“DRONES” Custom Softail Seat

This is a seat i made for a customer back in June 2008.
He had changed his custom softail's rear fender out for a custom one, and his stock style seat did not fit anymore.
He needed a new seat that would fit correctly, and it had to be stretched about 3" I had him take pictures of the seat area in every which direction with a tape measure in the picture so that i could get the exact measurements needed to stretch his seatpan the correct distance and make it follow the fender correctly. The foam also had to be redone, as he would not be able to reach his controls if he were set the 3" back in the seat.

he told me that he wanted crossed pistons and maybe some fire coming off the top of them, and he wanted it to say DRONES on the seat. all in black.

This is what i came up with. His very own, very custom 'reach' seat. when he got it the seat fit like a glove. All his buddies swore that i had the bike here to make it fit... but i made it work from across the country without ever laying a hand on the bike. :nice: