.: LoVE 4 SAlE

One-Off Custom Seats

Your bike is as custom as you are...Isn't it time that your seat was too? Wheter you've got the paint, pipes, and frame tricked out to the ultimate cool, or just need that nice custom touch for your pristine stock horse, my seats will compliment you and your bike perfectly. Comfortable, durable, from sleek style to wild designs: Custom tooling, stitching, exotic hides, it all gets done here, and it gets done with style. Not a mass produced piece, but something that is custom, hand made by me: just-for-you.

Online Store -> Ready Made Seats & Leather

Got a bike and maybe you're not quite sure what you want? That's okay. This will take you to the online store where you can find the tried and true custom designs that i've made for my customers. When you order one of these seats, I will hand build it for you with all the same care and detail as any other seat that I make... Just with one of my sure fire designs that are already a hit. Nothing is mass-produced, there's no shelves of “stock” seats. It's all hand crafted by me.

Online Store -> Apparel & Schwag

Hand crafted custom wallets, key chains, luggage tags... or anything else.

Online Store -> Frames & Chassis

Nothing is “run of the mill” around here, and no average frame or chassis will make the grade when I build a custom bike. So, why would I pass off something just 'average' to my customers when it's not good enough for me? Sure, not everybody wants the most extreme frame, tank and fenders out there, and I've got some milder designs for you too... but mild doesn't have to mean boring any more. Clean lines, aggressive stances and jaw-dropping looks... that's all you'll find around my shop.

Custom Motor-Bicycles Online Store -> Custom Motor-bikes

Street legal custom motorized bicycles. 120+ MPG & 30+MPH to cruise from point A to point B in style. With cruiser lines and hand made aluminum gas-tanks these bikes have a classic vintage motorcycle look.

Handcrafted Custom Choppers Handcrafted Custom Motorcycles

How wild do you want to get? Show 'em what a fistful of Spike'd Knuckles feels like to the face when you roll by and make their builds look weak. Here you get a show-stopping, heart-pumping custom that will leave you pinching yourself to make sure you're not dreaming. Nothing can compare to pounding down the pavement with one of my meticulously crafted customs.

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