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Creative Design

Proven ability to design and create radical, award winning designs that meet production specifications, using a variety of CAD modeling and artistic design techniques.


Turning design into reality with over 15 years of metal fabrication and welding experience in the custom motorcycle and automotive industries using welders and forming equipment such as English wheels, power hammers, benders, & plasma cutters.

Leadership+ Project Managment

Competent ability to plan and coordinate complicated projects and timelines with outside vendors and employees to ensure timely and effective roll-out of projects.

Rapid Prototyping

Experience with bringing designs and concepts to rapid prototyping technologies and techniques to produce testing and end-use level prototypes using additive manufacturing technologies such as FDM 3D printers; Working with prototypes to develop a production-ready model for market.

3D Conversion

Convert your current or outdated 2D models and paper drawings and convert them into 3D Solid Models.

Continuous Support

Continuous support and feedback throughout the design process so that you can have as much or as little involvement that you want in your prototyping.

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Big or small,we want to work with you. Entrepreneurs with a new idea, to corporations that need design work done right, we want you as our next clients.

Creative Design

Taking your ideas from paper and draft to the 3D realm with an eye to detail and style.

Project Planning and Consulting

Plan and schedule your project from the very beginning to when it goes to market. Budgets, timetables, best practices, Let us help you sort it out.

Decreased Time to Market

Employ rapid prototyping techniques to quickly produce and revise prototypes to achieve the fastest turnaround and shortest time to market to keep up with a rapidly changing industry.

From Prototype to Manufacturing

Everything to get your design produced and delivered, ready for fulfillment.

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Latest News

A Brave New World for 3D Printing

I’ve been watching some of the new advancements that are coming out in 3D printing recently, and I am excited for what the future holds for manufacturing and the custom automotive and motorcycle industries. For the last few weeks I’ve been ogling the Desktop Metal 3d printer, and what it offers for only $100,000....

Touching up old photos

I’ve been touching up some old photos to update my online portfolios. Taking great photos has not been my strongest skill. I’m more of a designer, and builder. But still, for someone to know what you’ve done, you have to show them something, so I am strengthening my media skills to have something to...

Custom Pinstripe Bobber Seat

This is a custom bobber seat that i made for a customer in mid-2011. The guy had a finished bike, and sent me pictures of his bike’s artwork (flatblack, with pinstripes). After making his custom seat pan, padding it with high-density memory foam, I took the pinstripe style from his bike, and carved it...

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