“Deadman’s Hand” .44 Caliber Bullet Custom Softail Seat

“Deadman’s Hand” .44 Caliber Bullet Custom Softail Seat
I made this seat up for a guy on the east coast back in March ’09. This seat came out absolutely beautiful. This is the kind of work that a customer gets when they tell me an idea that they have and say something like, “i’ll leave everything else up to your judgement.” When you set me loose, you get a beautiful work of art.
Yes, those are REAL bullets. i went bullet shopping for this seat and found these beautiful babies. it makes me want to buy a 44 just so i can use them. They’re chrome plated split top hollowpoints. I didn’t even know you could buy hollow-points in this state!

This was made on a stock style softail seatpan that was fitted to a custom softail bike. The pan was re-foamed with high density memory foam for much more comfort and sleeker style.
The tooling is skulls on flame backgrounds, and then the “DEADMAN’S HAND” banner that wraps around the deadman hand (Ace’s and Eights) all accented in a deep gunmetal metallic silver. If you don’t know the story, it comes from the wild west. This is the hand that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot and murdered, the last card is face down because he was shot before the last card was dealt… dead mans hand.
I picked the alligator side panels because they just look so frickin’ nice on an all black tooled seat. The black lacing with chrome eyelets just accents perfect with the bright chrome bullets.


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  6. Gary - November 20, 2012

    Man, how can I buy this seat? Please contact me at garymostovoy@gmail.com


  7. Spike - November 21, 2012

    Hey, I’ll send you an email with some information and pricing later today. Thanks for your comments!

  8. Chris - January 28, 2014

    I would like to buy this seat .. Please email me

  9. John - February 24, 2014

    I love this seat. I sent you an email about making a similar one for my shop promo bike build. Absolutely Beautiful Work!!

  10. Spike - February 24, 2014

    I’m writing you an e-mail right now.

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