“DEVIL GIRL” Custom Softail Seat

“DEVIL GIRL” Custom Softail Seat


Here’s another seat I finished up back in October ’08.

It’s tooled inserts on the top and in the seat area with black alligator panels.

This seat took a lot longer than i originally thought it would because of family issues, and this customer was a great guy and understood that i needed to be around my family and be there for them during this time.

As a result, his seat was delayed, but he never gripped once. and for that i put extra tooling and alligator in there as a small token of appreciation. He never said anything negative, only that the seat was awesome.

When a customer can appreciate that I am a person too, with my own aggravations and setbacks like everyone else, I will go the extra mile for them.

Good mannered, and appreciative customers are what make this job worth doing sometimes.

Enjoy the pics,


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