.: CasH bAck iN YoUr POckeT


Bottom line- i am not a salesman. I don't want to be. I don't even like salespeople. My question, then, is how do i sell my products without sales people? My Answer - Why not turn it over to my customers? That's right, i want you to be my sales people. No one knows the people you would sell a seat to better than you. Your friends, family and accuantinces. Why should i pay a percentage to some salesman who doesn't really care about my work or the people he's selling to, when i could give it back to my customers who actually have my products out there showing them off. That's it. If you sell somthing for me, anything, from a seat to a whole bike, i send you money. Back in your pocket, no strings attached.

How It Works:

So you talk to someone, and they're going to buy somthing from me, you contact me and tell me "so-and-so is going to contact you about such-and-such..." and you give me a few details about what they are wanting and their price range. Then so-and-so contacts me for an order and lets me know that you referred them. So-and-so and I work out the details of what they want, and the payment. After than i send you 10% of the total on their order. and i mean anything. A $1,000 seat - i send you $100. $30,000 motorcycle? i send you $3,000! Thats it, it's that simple. and it applies to all orders over $200. no matter how big the pricetag is. $100,000 showbike? You get $10,000 just for making the sale. It doesn't bother me in the least to give money back to my loyal customers. What if you sell a customer who wants five seats? you get 10% of all five seats. It's all about you, the customer. And i want to make it worth your while to be my loyal customers for life.

What if You're Not A Customer Yet?

If you havn't got anything from me yet, that's okay, you can still get in on this action. You get 5% of the order instead of 10%. again, just for showing someone how bad-ass the work is and talking to them about something that you love: motorcycles, hotrods, and customizing. What could be better than that?


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