Carbon Fiber & Tooling Softail Skull Seat

Okay Folks,

Here it is, my secret weapon. Well, one of them, anyway:


You may think, “but Spike, i see carbon fiber all the time.”

Not like this, you don’t.

This isn’t a carbon fiber seatpan, or headlight, or accent piece… this is woven carbon fiber used like material and actually used in the seat.

It is incredibly strong and durable, beautiful… and expensive (yikes!). My trick is how i prep and make the carbon fiber material ready to be used in a seat. It is not the hard plastic looking material you’re used to seeing in motorcycle and automotive parts… its still a cloth like material, and is soft and flexible.

Combine that with some kick-ass leather tooling, elegant lacing, and an exotic hide like alligator and you’ve got one AMAZING seat!

Enjoy the pics of this seat i made back in August 2009.

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  1. Gary - November 20, 2012

    I like this one even more.

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