Custom Choppers and Metalwork


Hand Made Custom Choppers.

Complete bikes, rollers, frames, bars, tanks, fenders, air cleaners, forward controls, etc etc, all made custom for you.  From complete one off custom motorcycles, to hand built rollers, to all the fabricated bits and pieces that make a motorcycle a custom can be had here.

Custom Work, Parts and Accessories.

It doesn’t have to be a complete build to be cool. I can make you all the custom parts that you could want for your current bike. Hand made air cleaners, exhaust, gas tanks, fenders, custom frames, seats, lights, and anything else you could possibly want. The sky is the limit.

Fit, Finish & Fix Custom Builds.

If you’ve got a build that you’ve been working on for years, or something on your build just isn’t right, or you are at a point where you just want someone who knows exactly how to finish off all your details… Just bring it to me and I can put the spit and shine on it. I’ll bring all your loose ends together and fix anything that needs to be fixed – and I get it done right. I will not settle for “good enough.” If you bring it to me to make it right, that’s exactly what i’ll do. From correcting fitment issues, correct setup of wheels, brakes and drivelines, electrical… and everything in between. I can get you fixed up right.

Custom Mechanic and Service Work

Just because it doesn’t say “Spike” on it, doesn’t mean I won’t work on it. If you need a mechanic you know you can trust with your prized motorcycle, then I’m your shop. I will give the same care and attention to detail that I would if the bike were my own. I’ll take care of all your simple service & tune ups, to complete custom motor tear-downs, rebuilds, transmission swaps, anything you need to keep your bike on the road.