Custom Seats


Your bike is as custom as you are…Isn’t it time that your seat was too? Whether you’ve got the paint, pipes, and frame tricked out to the ultimate cool, or just need that nice custom touch for your pristine stock horse, my seats will compliment you and your bike perfectly. Comfortable, durable, from sleek style to wild designs: Custom tooling, stitching, exotic hides, it all gets done here, and it gets done with style. Not a mass produced piece, but something that is custom, hand made by me: just-for-you.

Pre-Designed Seats
Seats with “cool” already built in.
Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want, but you know you want something cool, something beautiful… something hand-made. These seats are just for you, then. Designs that i’ve drawn up and prepared to be the coolest bobber seats you’ll find. This is as close to ‘production’ as i get, and everything is still 100% hand-made for each order, small changes in color, design, size and shape are perfectly acceptable.

One-Off Custom Seats:

Custom. The best of the best. Seats made for your beautiful bike from the seatpan to the leather stitching. There is no end to the possibilities: custom shape, one-off patterns, the most exotic designs, carbon fiber paneling, stingray, tooled leather, alligator, ostrich… the list just keeps going.

Custom Bobber Style Seats:

The ultimate in bobber style. For when you absolutely have to have some spring in your step, there is no better way to do it than with one of my bobber style seats. Hand rolled and contoured seat pans, shaped and styled with comfort and style in mind. Memory foam padding. Designs from mild to wild, Perfect fit and finish with an upholstered back.

Stock Fit Custom Seats

Custom ordered seats with all the tooling and design of any of my custom seats… but without having to worry about getting it to fit to your stock styled ride. It’s all made to fit your original bike without modifications. In most cases the stock OEM mounting hardware and accessories are completely compatible.

Stock Fit Recover & Custom Pan Build-Up.

Got a seat you love that just needs to be recovered, restyled? Or maybe you have a seatpan for your chop and you just need it finished into a show-stopping seat? Recover any seat that needs a new life brought to it. Customs, Harleys, Touring, Sportbikes, Dirtbikes, ATV’s… anything that needs to be recovered. Heck, even barstools or chairs.

Custom Bags and Leather Accessories.

When you just need some more space to put your gear… custom made sidebags, toolkits, forkbags, battery boxes, hand-grips, belts, helmets… or any other leather accessory that you could possibly want. Want something you can’t find on the site? Just drop me a line and i’ll get a quote for you.