“DRONES” Custom Softail Seat

This is a seat i made for a customer back in June 2008.
He had changed his custom softail’s rear fender out for a custom one, and his stock style seat did not fit anymore.
He needed a new seat that would fit correctly, and it had to be stretched about 3″ I had him take pictures of the seat area in every which direction with a tape measure in the picture so that i could get the exact measurements needed to stretch his seatpan the correct distance and make it follow the fender correctly. The foam also had to be redone, as he would not be able to reach his controls if he were set the 3″ back in the seat.

he told me that he wanted crossed pistons and maybe some fire coming off the top of them, and he wanted it to say DRONES on the seat. all in black.

This is what i came up with. His very own, very custom ‘reach’ seat. when he got it the seat fit like a glove. All his buddies swore that i had the bike here to make it fit… but i made it work from across the country without ever laying a hand on the bike. :nice:


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