Harley Crossbones “One Shot One Kill” Sniper Seat Set

Here’s an awesome seat set for a bad ass veteran sniper.

This is a bobber style front seat, made on one of my OE replacement harley crossbones seat pans, and an OE fit back seat, as well as an OE mounting sissy bar and pad. I made all this stuff to bolt directly to my customer’s crossbones.

One Shot One Kill Sniper Seat SetI never thought it would be as hard as it was to tool guns. I figured all straight angles and geometric shapes would make it easy… wrong. Hours of tooling in details in the grips and rails later, I realized how much more painstaking it was to get all the little geometric details just right so that the gun had symmetry. Making something look like a machine in a material that really wants to make organic shapes and design is much more difficult than I first imagined. The side panels are brought to life with black ostrich panels and black lacing around the edges.

There were a few hiccups, and the seat took much longer than I anticipated to make as well as I ended up making the front seat and rear seat TWICE, because FedEx destroyed the first set in shipping.


All well worth it for a man willing to give his all for freedom.




One Shot One Kill Sniper Seat Set
One Shot One Kill Sniper Seat Set

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