Pleated Vintage Look FXD Custom Seat

Pleated Vintage Look FXD Custom Seat

Alright, here’s an new old-school trick from me. This was an FXD solo seat that I did a custom re-cover on. It also got a custom foam treatment. It’s a 3” reach seat, and I shaved down the nose foam to make it more comfortable and keep the seat from pushing against the insides of the customers legs. (a prevalent problem for stock Harley seats, they are too ‘pillowy’ in the nose.)

It’s old school done in a new way. Vintage pleats and piping. This seat came out better than i thought it would. I had my doubts about the “cool factor” of pleats and piping when i started the project, but in the end i was quite happy with the result. It’s a charcoal gray pleated area, and black sides.

Enjoy the pics!

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