Reducing Production Costs by Contracting with Local 3D Printing Companies.

Prototyping and design revisions can be one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of making a new product.

Making an injected molded part out of plastic means thousands of dollars in up-front cost to make molds, and lots of time spent ordering and shipping parts, ordering parts in minimum quantities in the thousands, only to be frustrated to find out that the part needs revision and you have to start the process all over again, but now you have inventory that you can’t use, a mold that doesn’t work for you, and you are watching your profits slip away.
Contracting with local 3D printers and designers can save you time, save you money, and save your startup.  Instead of working with a foreign or long-distance mold maker, you can have your designer and manufacturers on the phone right away.  Instead of waiting 8-10 weeks for a mold and prototype parts out of it, you can have them printed and in your hands in hours.  If you need just a couple of parts for testing, you won’t need to order in quantities of 1000.  Just one-at-a-time will work fine.  You can have a working prototype, and then revise it, and the next day have your new prototype ready to go.  Your production team can actually hold and test the prototype like it were the end-use product.
You can reduce your time-to-market to weeks instead of months, allowing you to engage your market with your product faster than your competition.

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