“Screaming Banshee” Custom Pillion Pad

“Screaming Banshee” Custom Pillion Pad

Here’s a little pillion pad that a customer ordered from me a long while back. He sent me a picture of a wailing banshee, and said that he wanted that on his seat. He sent me some pictures of his custom front seat and it had flame stitching and braiding.

So, this little pillion pad has a ton of tricks in it’s bag. leather braiding, embossed flame stitching/overlay, memory foam padding that tapers from 2 inches in front to 3/4″ or so in the back, and the incredibly detailed tooling on the face. I had to invent a new way to tool so that i could get all the detail into the face in such a small space. i especially like the way the eyes turned out.



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  1. Cherish - April 19, 2010

    This is just amazing… What you do with leather is so exquisite and beautiful. I can’t even imagine how you do it. I would really love to watch you work sometime. You are such an amazing artist. I can’t believe the perfection of it alone. It seems so perfect that a pair of human hands couldn’t have possibly made it. You really take pride in your work, and it shows! I miss you, please drop me a line sometime. We haven’t spoken in some time. I’ve had a lot going on, I’m sorry I lost touch with you. Write me for sure when you have the time.


  2. Wiseman - November 24, 2010

    Nice, keep it up

  3. Stubbs - November 28, 2010

    Sweet site, I hadn’t noticed spikecustoms.com before in my searches!

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